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NetWealth Matrix

Blockchain interface to unlock better life

A million people with five dollars in their pockets can buy a coffee in Starbucks. Want the coffee?
However, five people with a million dollars in their pocket can change the world around them.

What would you choose: the coffee or the $1 000 000?

If you chose coffee - Starbucks waiting.
If you chose $1 000 000 - read introduction this is for you!

Hi! This idea has been in our heads for a long time, this is based on increasing the number of people with enough start-up capital to start a business, invest in stocks, real estate or just solve their current issues with property, education, health on the way to happy life.

Old fiat systems did not allow to fully unlock the potential of this idea, but with the advent of blockchain technology makes it real.

This matrix will allow you to get the amount of money you need to achieve your targets. Potentially, we can make from 5 to 10 dollar millionaires a year, to make it real we need your attention to our algorithm, without you it will not work. This algorithm is designed to increase the financial wealth of people around the world without restrictions and limits,
We can change your life and we will, Wake up.. Wake up!

Projectreaper Team 

 We have created cold crypto wallets to accumulate funds.

During the fundraising, as soon as the amount of tokens will reach the maximum value of transaction multiplied by 1000 all transactions will be exported to our database for the formation of an infinite matrix.

A random algorithm called 'Pointer' will select a cell of this matrix with the address of the crypto wallet, which sent tokens to the matrix previously.
All funds collected during the matrix formation period we will send to this address.
We congratulate this person and the algorithm will start again.

The matrix single cell unit takes the minimum amount of the transaction from all transactions history made for the period of accumulation of funds.

e.g. if the minimal transaction was $1, and you’ve sent $20 to the matrix, you will take 20 cells of the matrix area, in the case of your $50 transaction the cells number will be 50 so it means the amount of your sendings increases the probability to get all funds of the matrix.

You can use single sending or several during fundrising, all transactions will be merged so it doesn't matter would you use $50 transaction or five $10 transactions in the period of time. At the end of matrix creation your address will be placet to 50 address cells of the matrix in the case of $1 minimal transaction in the history.

To collect entropy, we using :

the number of transactions
the current Linux time in seconds since 1970
the current wind speed in one of capitals of the world countries
the number of letters in the last comment on our project page

So this is pretty random

Why the randomness is important - to prevent biased choice and save anonymity we operating only with hash addresses of your crypto wallets so we do not know who you are, which issues and dreams you have, your story, so we want to put all users of the matrix to the same ecosystem with the same rights and possibilities. This is quite fair.  

No, this algorithm does not use the scam schemes to attract investments with interest payments daily basis, due to the cash flow and advertising.

We don't inflate the pyramid bubble like many scam ICOs project.

In addition, this is not a lottery, there are have no jackpots and prize tickets, next game budgets, salaries of founders, we do not charge a commissions, and all funds we transfer to the wallet address selected by the pointer algorithm to start new martix after. 

We using cold wallets generated offline. Private keys are stored in an inaccessible place and are not linked to any online service. This is the best practice of blockchain security.

Since the addresses of your wallets are not stored in any online service and we do not collect your personal information, this project is completely anonymous.

In addition, this is transparent. All the transactions you can see with block explorers. So make sure you do not post your hash address previously in any social media, this is irreversible process, think twice about posting text about your million dollars in the pocket. If you want to share with us your happiness and ideas about what you will do with the money, just send us email, we will change your name and will post your message in our community anonymously.

We truly believe you are using the funds from the matrix for good purposes only.

The funds we sending to you as a gift from our global community and in many countries are not taxed, for greater confidence, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the local tax laws of your country. 

All funds collected in the matrix we send to the crypto wallet address chosen by our random algorithm.

We do not charge any fees and do not have a share of the funds collected.

Of course, we don't mind if the person who received the funds from the matrix wants to donate to our Projectreaper Foundation program, which mission you can find on link below the page, but this is only your decision and we do not insist on it.

The main idea of this project is education of people to give a little to get more. We have great power of our community and the greatest weakness in our disunity same time. Governments exploit our strengths and weaknesses for their own purposes; we want you to understand how it works and use it for your porpose.

By increasing the number of people who can change the world around them, we reducing the time when the people can change the whole world. 

In the future matrix algorithm we will implement system with guaranteed funding each one of you guys using member's order list instead of randomness of the process, but first we need to sure is our society enough mature for that.

How to use the matrix

Choose matrix type

basially we have 5 matrices based on 5 crypto currencies : bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin, zcash

you can use from single one to all matrices at ones

Send us transaction

send to the matrix address your amount of funds to join the algorithm

zero transactions doesn't counts as valid
so do not make dust transactions here please

remember the greater amount of your funds you will send the greater probability to get all the funds of the matrix

you can use single transaction or several it doesn't matter also you can use different wallet addresses

Wait accumulation

share links to your matrix to increase the number of users it will increase the total amount of the matrix value you can get and reduce the time of fundraising

Get all funds

if your matrix cell was chosen by random pointer algorithm you will get all fund of matrix

make sure you kept access to your wallet, we transfer funds, it will be sad if we send $5,000 or $10,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000 to a forgotten wallet

If you want to contact us use this form

Projectreaper Foundation

if we don't save this world, no one will do it for us

Half of all projectreaper team gains from trading and projects are going to fund charity, medicine, children care, humanitarian aid, science projects that solving human being issues and making life better. If you want support us, use the join button to learn more.