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Projectreaper Foundation

This is our world - change it by your will

Charity and investment project in a new technologies and people lives



We are international team of traders, software developers, entrepreneurs; we became best friends in solving challenges in the path to financial freedom and actually life itself.
Challenges are making us stronger because we are human species - intelligent creatures, we have the best tool of the world discovering - our mind.


People with lack of finance can't think globally, they need to protect stability of their lives first. This is the main reason why we always busy on fixing our lifes problems and can't see things clearly.
To fix that problem we've created:

x1000ProfitSociety project, every person can join and increase the power of the community which will solve his problems to get access to all human rights and proper life.

Xentrader.onine project automate and manage investing and trading processes, bring advanced trading tools and connection to the global trader’s community.

Strategies Lab creation of automated trading algorithms and signals.

Copy trading service social trading and investment platform, without broker companies involving to that process.

Projectreaper Foundation investment to our future as human species and our children prosperity.


As human beings, we have all what we need to create beautiful and prosperous society. Just understand power of our community, because without that connection, we are divided. 
We are citizens of the Earth, we are here not to just born, live and die, we are here to make this world better place in the universe and we are going to say - this world will change! 


Yes we understand this is quite wide area of issues but this is all important without exceptions

Children and family care

Children is our future if you want to invest - this is the best investment.

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid programs provides needs-based humanitarian aid to people affected by natural or man-made disasters. Including food aid, shelter, education, healthcare or protection. 

Animal care

Animal abuse laws, abandoned animals protection, medical help, cattery charity.

Food and water availability

Eliminating from the world deaths by starving and dehydration, healthy food certification, clean water programs.

Cure research

Finding cure for the most deadliest diseases like cancer, diabet, IHD , stroke, Alzheimer, HIV/Aids, infections, viruses and other, natural and herb drugs research.

Drug safety and availability

Reducing drug costs, availability in any place of the world, safety drug components.

Medical services availability

Availability of medical services, surgery, prosthetics, donation, screening, vaccination, pregnancy, pediatrics, hospice.

Life quality and healh research

Prolonging and increasing quality of life, age profiled services, hormones therapy, sport activity programs, increasing resources of human body and deep research of aging process, improving quality of life for people with disabilities.

Fundamental physics

Fundamental physics work on matter, space, time, forces.

Applied physics

Creating new materials, technologies, which can improve human, progress and solve technological issues.


Researches on artificial intelligence, human-digital and digital-human interfaces, data structures and systems, robotics.


Researches on understanding heredity, genes, genomes, implementation in technologies and medicine.

Stop war

Preventing war conflicts and war ideology.

World transformation

Changing the world order from the exploitation of poverty and the accumulation of resources to the progress and prosperity of the human species.

Human rights

Protection of fundamental human rights, their preservation and permanence.

Ban AI weapons

Banning AI weapons, their development and testing. Banning weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Availability of education

Investing in worldwide education programs. Smart educated people are the basis of a peaceful, prosperous society.

Business and finanial education

Middle and high school financial education, budget, business, investing.

Happiness and love education

Middle and high school education in terms: how to be a happy person, how to achieve happy life, what is love and why this is important.

Citizen of the Earth education

Pre, middle and high school education in terms: what's your rights as citizen of the Earth, what's your duties in that status.

Wildlife protection

Stop trophy hunting, saving endangered animal species, ban entertaining and pet shop business with wild animals, reserve parks protection, protection of nature abuse by business.

Climate changing

Forest recreation, heavy industrial ecological certification, nature damaging business recovery laws.

Environment education

School and pre-school children environment education, waste recycling programs and laws.

Alternative energetics and materials

Ban archaic and dirty sources of energy, ban plastic packaging materials, tax reducing on environment friendly materials usage programs.