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Projectreaper Foundation

if we don't save this world, no one will do it for us

we have limited time to live - wake up

Our Mission

We are international team of traders, software developers, entrepreneurs; we became best friends in solving challenges in the path to financial freedom and actually life itself.

Challenges are making us stronger because we are human species - intelligent creatures, we have the best tool of the world discovering - our mind.

First of all, read this document to understand your rights as a human.

We can create anything we want, solve any problem, the power in our hands limitless but currently we are living in society, created by small groups of people with power but without hearts and empathy.

If you don't sure of reading this, skip this part.

The main purpose of our world nowadays is accumulation resources of our planet in the hands of this groups of people and the most sweetest and renewable resource for them is YOU.

Yes, we are the human resource in their hands and we living in mind trap of the society, we dying and working hard on jobs to get access to basic rights and services, which we are creating for ourselves but we need a key to get this ‘rights’ and the key, is money. And, of course, they have free access to everything they want, because they are the creators of the system. Money - just a paper and metal coins or a numbers in your bank accounts are backed by government stability but the government can't manage the emissions of their money and they are should lend the money from federal (central) banks to cover their needs. This is pure never-ending world of debts.

In this world nothing is made for you, we just have illusion of freedom but your freedom is limited by their interests, basically you can decide what you want to buy or consume, of course if you have money. Current education system is perfect for engineers, lawyers, drivers, pilots, police, medics, builders, coal miners.. service personnel in other words.

Entrepreneurs are the people who can really taste more freedom but this is just system error in the world consuming process. We are the ass pain for them and they can't do anything about this because in the society they've created, money equals power so.. a guy with money really can change the world around in the case he have free mindset in his head, that's why we want create more guys like this in our projects. The governments don't want to educate you they want regulate you, control your money, control your life, control your mind, phone, messages, family members, friends, because they don't trust you, free and educated people can ask uncomfortable questions and claim their rights, that's why the poverty in our world is dominating.

Imagine all the resources the government is spending to war conflicts, walls, tools of killing, this resources can fix the world poverty problems, health, science, alternative energy issues, ecology. Prosperity of people will bring more resources to the governments of countries, ladies and gentlemen, that's not a secret actually, and they understand this very closely, but they wouldn't do this, this is out of their interests, they want rule the world and weak people are easy to control, manipulate, that's why we have what we have.

And let's clarify one thing, we are not against governments but corruption and slavery. Governments are built to protect people, give them opportunities of progress, educate, take care of their health, create friendly-living environment, we are citizens of our countries and we would love, them join our mindset and mission with programs and policies to save the world and billions people's lifes, you have power, you have resourses, but why you don't doing this?

And we are aware of the problem of robotization and AI. Now they need us workers, but in the nearest future robots and intelligent technology will replace billions of job places and mostly as soldiers. Elites will rethink their needs in people around the world. And this is not the worst scenario of our future.

People with lack of finance can't think globally, they need protect stability of their lives first.

To fix that problem we've created NetWealth Matrix project, every person can join and increase the power of the community which will solve his problems to get access to basic human rights and proper life.

Xentrader.onine project can help to automate and manage investing and trading process of people, connect them with global trader’s community.

Another part of our activity is fundraising organizations globally, which making great impact to creation of better life for all creatures on our planet. We are spending a lot of time and work to find and research organizations and events around the world. This is very exiting how many people have similar mindset with us.

Currently as private persons, we've decided to send half of our profits from trading and our projects to this activity.

Every cent is matter and we asking you to join us in the mission to save future of our world. 

As human beings, we have all what we need to create beautiful and prosperous society. We need just understand this, because without that connection we are divided.

We are citizens of the Earth and we are going to say - this world will change. 

What we support

Yes we understand this is quite wide area of issues but this is all important without exceptions

Children and family care

Children is our future if you want to invest - this is the best investment.

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid programs provides needs-based humanitarian aid to people affected by natural or man-made disasters. Including food aid, shelter, education, healthcare or protection. 

Animal care

Animal abuse laws, abandoned animals protection, medical help, cattery charity.

Food and water availability

Eliminating from the world deaths by starving and dehydration, healthy food certification, clean water programs.

Cure research

Finding cure for the most deadliest diseases like cancer, diabet, IHD , stroke, Alzheimer, HIV/Aids, infections, viruses and other, natural and herb drugs research.

Drug safety and availability

Reducing drug costs, availability in any place of the world, safety drug components.

Medical services availability

Availability of medical services, surgery, prosthetics, donation, screening, vaccination, pregnancy, pediatrics, hospice.

Life quality and health research

Prolonging and increasing quality of life, age profiled services, hormones therapy, sport activity programs, increasing resources of human body and deep research of aging process, improving quality of life for people with disabilities.

Fundamental physics

Fundamental physics work on matter, space, time, forces.

Applied physics

Creating new materials, technologies, which can improve human, progress and solve technological issues.


Researches on artificial intelligence, human-digital and digital-human interfaces, data structures and systems, robotics.


Researches on understanding heredity, genes, genomes, implementation in technologies and medicine.

Stop war

Preventing war conflicts and war ideology.

World transformation

Changing the world order from the exploitation of poverty and the accumulation of resources to the progress and prosperity of the human species.

Human rights

Protection of fundamental human rights, their preservation and permanence.

Ban AI weapons

Banning AI weapons, their development and testing. Banning weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Availability of education

Investing in worldwide education programs. Smart educated people are the basis of a peaceful, prosperous society.

Business and financial education

Middle and high school financial education, budget, business, investing.

Happiness and love education

Middle and high school education in terms: how to be a happy person, how to achieve happy life, what is love and why this is important.

Citizen of the Earth education

Pre, middle and high school education in terms: what's your rights as citizen of the Earth, what's your duties in that status.

Wildlife protection

Stop trophy hunting, saving endangered animal species, ban entertaining and pet shop business with wild animals, reserve parks protection, protection of nature abuse by business.

Climate changing

Forest recreation, heavy industrial ecological certification, nature damaging business recovery laws.

Environment education

School and pre-school children environment education, waste recycling programs and laws.

Alternative energetics and materials

Ban archaic and dirty sources of energy, ban plastic packaging materials, tax reducing on environment friendly materials usage programs.

Decentralization is advantage

We don't need office, employees, salaries and advertising budgets.


100% of funds are going to our mission

How we work

  1. Unbiased private will - our team members are individuals, independent of any company or organization. Donations are making on a private basis.
  2. Research - We are spending a lot of time and work to find and research organizations and events around the world.
  3. Contact - our team member will contact the organization to clarify the company activities and the way of making donation and future mutual collaboration.
  4. Donation - we transfer the donation and making confirmation call.

How to become a donee

We looking for organizations which coherent with our mission and have all those criteria

  1. This organization is easy to contact 
  2. Can clearly explain the mission
  3. Can clearly explain budget and way of usage the donation
  4. Doesn't collecting donator's private information.
  5. Over 90% of donations are going to the organization's purpose and other 10% to management spendings, salaries, office etc.
  6. This organization accept crypto currencies, paypal or bank transfer as donation.

Join our mission

Would you help us in our mission? We would appreciate any activity. You can share information about our project to your friends,
also you can donate to our fund using following ways.